The US is being attacked and destroyed from within. The US is in war.

Spot on!  If people can't see what's going on then it isn't because they are blind or even being brainwashed by mainstream media.

We have reached a turning point to where this is warfare. 

When a government weaponizes government entities and uses those entities to terrorize and destroy American lives and families, it's war. 

When the government encourages other citizens to "snitch" and police others, this is war.

Lockdowns and forcing small businesses to fail is a luxury that only the elites, upper and middle class are enjoying at the expense of the poor, vulnerable and under represented. Small businesses don't have a "voice" like Walmart, Costco, Tesla, Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. 

Lockdowns are a declaration of war and you are a POW in your own home.

EVERY SINGLE DAY the pawns of the government here in the Philippines are getting murdered.  First two guards, then seven, then one, then one more just yesterday.  You don't hear about it in the international, national or even the local news for fear of an uprising but it's happening everywhere now. 

People here in 3rd world countries understand what happens when the government crosses the line.

In Vietnam, they know all too well what can happen when a government is in conflict with the people.  That's why right now Vietnam is "back to normal", schools are open, masks are optional and businesses are opening back up to do business, just as they should.   Keep in mind that Vietnam is a "communist" country and one of the fastest growing economies in SE Asia.  It's goal is to become a developed nation by this year.  The people and the government knows it can only happen by working together. 

In direct contrast to that we have the United States that is quickly spiraling down a very, very long hole that eventually it will have to crawl or shoot its way out of. 

The US has spent decades going into foreign countries to fight wars and yet we are blind to what war looks like in our own country. I'm not "calling for war", I'm saying we are in the midst of war. 

No other 3rd world country would survive this level of top down elitism control.  What we are seeing now is  only possible because the US is and was the strongest and most stable country in the world. 

The US is being attacked and destroyed from within. 

The US is in war.

Author withheld.